How to organize a kid's birthday party without stress, even if you are almost alone with it

How to organize a kid’s birthday party without stress, even if you are almost alone with it?

Maybe you’ve seen birthday parties for kids, shown on Instagram or Pinterest. Beautiful, themed, a million snacks and activities, refined details. Maybe you’ve even been to such a party.

And then the date of your kid’s birthday is approaching, and you, after seeing the pictures as in the above paragraph, may want to hide or run away.

Absolutely no need. If you want to make this day special, invite guests and prepare some yummy food, you can do it. If I, being almost alone at home with two energetic Boys (3- and 5-year-old), whom I am not sending to kindergarten, managed to do it, and it was without overstraining myself, rather at ease, calmly, then you can do it, too. I practically did not have any help from my Husband, who usually returns home by 11 pm, and Boys’ grandparents live 90 miles from us, and they are still working.

Below, I will show you my way to organize a birthday for a kid under any circumstances and any family life arrangements.

Ah, and tell me yet, was this “perfect” party you were at prepared by the kid’s mother or by a kids party business?

1 | Do not complicate, but make things easier

I am a minimalist and can tell you that simplicity is certainly a friend of every homemaker and mother of toddlers.

In this article, you will see tips on how you can simplify the list of guests, decorations, food, and necessary preparations.

Just think firstly about why you want to celebrate this day. To celebrate the life of your child, smile to him and see his smile? To meet other people for whom your kid is Treasure, too?

Don’t do it for other reasons: to impress your friends, family, your kids’ friends’ parents… This is not worth anything. An impressive party “requires” an answer in the form of an even more impressive party at a friend’s kid’ home, for the next year you would think of even greater miracles and surprises… It would be a huge waste of your energy to build your own image how others perceive you in this way.

Anyway, think of it: if your child’s third birthday would have everything that Pinterest has seen, what he or she will expect for the last birthday before becoming an adult? I dread to imagine it.

Celebrate the family, celebrate the presence of this Little Human next to you. The most important thing is meeting, and you do not need much to celebrate.

We will simplify the picture of “terrible preparations”.

Simplify the number of guests

If you are scared of hosting many people at once, shorten the guest list or divide them into two parties separated by a few days. For example, a separate meeting with grandparents, separate with godparents and their families.

2 | Make a plan

As I shared with you in this text, I have been a planning fan for several weeks and I enjoy a lot of benefits in my life from returning to organization and productivity. (The Driven Women course by Phylicia Masonheimer included in this Bundle was the most helpful for me.)

Plan the menu

Think about something that will feed your guests, but at the same time will not overwhelm your strength. So that you have time, strength and willingness to enjoy the company.

Choose meals that you are sure will go tasty. So something that you regularly prepare. Save yourself experimenting with new dishes, which just might not go right the first time – you do not need such stress!

If your guests live nearby, you can invite for an afternoon/evening with salad, snacks, and no dinner.

If you’re preparing dinner, you can do the same second dish without soup.

Choose simple meals. For lunch, give a salad of 2-3 ingredients or just a cut vegetable (cucumber or tomato), and not a fancy salad of many ingredients.

Do not plan to make fancy drinks: squeezed juices or different coffees if you do not have the time or willingness. (Your mood on this day is important! You are important! This is the anniversary of the day YOU gave birth to your child!)

As a snack, you can make a simple salad, put on a table cold meat, cheese, bread, and butter. Have also some fast snacks like sticks, nuts, cookies.

3 | Start preparations a week earlier (you can even sooner)

Of course, you will not be able to prepare food a week earlier. But maybe you do not realize how many small things you do to prepare any type of party. Since you will be preparing food almost at the last minute, plan so that you do not have to simultaneously iron the tablecloth or choose outfits for your children.

What did I do a few days earlier for our Older Son’s birthday?

I planned the menu and then made a detailed grocery shopping list.

I cleaned up the Boys’ room, inspected the toys, and removed the incomplete or unused toys (check my guide to decluttering kids’ toys).

I brought additional toys from the basement so that when we’ll have more kids at home, they would not quarrel (our Boys have little toys in their current use, the excess of toys, which they do not play, I keep in the basement).

I counted how many guests I have, and how many crockery and cutlery – even if one year ago I had enough plates and mugs, I cannot be sure that today I have the same amount, taking into account our Boys and the entire home craziness 😉 .

I’ve seen what I have at home from the little things needed, such as napkins, candles for the birthday cake, and what I saw was missing, I added to the shopping list.

I washed the dishes that are rarely used and could be dusty.

Because part of the day when we were celebrating our Older’s birthday, we were spending on the trip, I packed a blanket, balls, water and ready snacks earlier.

Our table is extendable, so I planned to bring additional elements from the basement in advance and dust them off.

The day before the birthday in the afternoon I extended the table.

I ironed a tablecloth the day before birthday celebrations and put it on the table along with some of the dishes.

The evening before I could prepare meat for dinner.

On the table I put at least some of the dishes, cutlery and napkins that will be needed.

4 | The birthday

For this day I had a written plan, a list of tasks, not to forget about any of several small but important matters.

I wrote on the sheet EVERYTHING, what I must do that day in connection with the birthday gathering:

that I am supposed to pick up the ordered cake and my sister from the train station (we combined it in one trip), that I have to bring the rest of needed dishes and cutlery to the living room, take the bread out of the freezer, peel the potatoes, put the snacks in the bowls, cut the salad, make the sauce and chops, and after returning from the outdoor part of the birthday, put drinks on the table, turn on the gas under potatoes, cut vegetables, heat meat, take a salad from the fridge, later cut the bread, put cold cuts and cheese.

Simple, small activities, but in the past, for example, I happened to forget about something that I had prepared and put in the fridge and find out after the guests left.

So, dear Mom and Homemaker:

  • simplify
  • plan, dividing activities into small steps and dividing the tasks for a few days.

Do as much as you can, not more. The idea of ​​a birthday is a meeting, celebrating the life of a person, showing her our love. Not that there are the letters cut in the fashionable font hanging above the table, and that mother is furious and bone-tired!

To help you on the way to host a good (it never has to be perfect!) birthday family gathering for your kid, you can take a look into these two digital libraries:

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