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Daily: Sauna and Simplifying Life

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Imagine Mr. Jones. He works to be able to pay for a gym membership. He goes through an air-conditioned shopping mall to an elevator which takes him to the highest floor. There he has his sauna session.

Hey, who needs that?!

My discovery of the year is that many people on the Earth have completely free saunas in or next to their homes.

I live in a place where we have snow in the winter but in the summer we have weeks of temperature around 28 C (82 F).

Let’s say I don’t work for the gym membership and can stay at home for a few hours monthly more than if I’d want the access to the gym. It’s summer. I sit on my balcony with a good coffee, even better book and simple, men’s sunglasses. I’m wearing a top and short (100% cotton). I’m sitting, doing nothing. And I’m sweating. I feel drops of sweat running down my legs.

Toxins are coming out. I’m enjoying the Sun, its heat. My skin is producing the vitamin D. I’m breathing in the quite fresh air and can enjoy the book or look at the surroundings where I chose to live. For free, with my kids close to me, no need for driving to the hot place. I have my shower which is cleaned only with natural cleaners a few steps from where I sweat.

I have my own sauna. My ancestors had their own saunas when they enjoyed Sunday in front of their house or when they worked in the fields on weekdays.

Why should we go to artificial saunas?

Ok, I know the temperature in a sauna is much higher. But look at this in this way: people lived healthy in the place where you live for hundreds of years. Without saunas. (Or maybe I do have readers in Finland or Siberia. Who knows?)

Why haven’t people in the most part of Europe, and many other parts of the world invented the sauna? Probably because they haven’t needed it! And they got health from other resources.

Wouldn’t it be crazy to build a sauna in Italy, or Mexico, or in the Sahara? For some reason, only people living in cold areas, like Finland or northern Russia have invented sauna or bania.

And again, people who live and who had lived where you live, they have and had resources to live healthy in this place.

It’s like buying green bananas from Equador, bananas that grow on a poor soil full of chemicals, bananas that are transported for weeks, sprayed with other chemicals to avoid rotting and to get yellow on the ship… buying the bananas when you have organic apples in your grandma’s garden.

I hope you understand this is not a text about the sauna and not against the sauna. It’s about our ways of acting, thinking, not-thinking. It’s about what we buy from other people what is necessary or beneficial for them but totally excessive for us.

Many people buy bottled water and for many it’s reasonable. But if you live in mountains next to a clear stream with cold, clean water… don’t buy bottled water!

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simplifying thinking - sauna and simplifying life on Slow and Happy blog (2) simplifying thinking - sauna and simplifying life on Slow and Happy blog (3) simplifying our thinking - sauna and simplifying life on Slow and Happy blog (4) simplifying our thinking - sauna and simplifying life on Slow and Happy blog (4)

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