Photography Super Bundle [97% off sale ends 30/6/2019]

$2,327.74 $67.00

The Photography Super Bundle is your comprehensive collection of photography resources for:

  • the beginning photographer who isn’t sure what the exposure triangle is
  • the experienced photographer who has a great understanding of manual mode, but
  • wants to learn to use light better or practice in a different specialty, or
  • the advanced photographer who is earning a living from photography, but is looking for ways to increase income and streamline their processes.

If you’ve been meaning to grab this bundle, don’t miss this curated collection of resources to help you:

  • master manual mode,
  • take better pictures,
  • edit and organize your photos, and
  • earn more money from your photos.

Don’t miss it! Get yours here.

Still feeling unsure? Ultimate Bundles are sure, so they give us their 30-day happiness guarantee.

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Is it worth the price?

Let’s do the math.

The Photography Super Bundle consists of 40 products. The price of them all outside of the bundle is… $2327.

The avarage price of a product in this collection is $58.

So even if you’d be interested only in using two products, the discount is significant and it’s worth to pay the price of $67.

The complete list of all titles with their original prices is here.

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