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Turn It Into a Joke, Give It Up. Let’s Adopt Caribbean Mentality!

Put your shirt on inside out and do not panic.

Do you know what Polish emigrants who come to Poland for a few days to their loved ones, see in Polish society? They see a big tightness, stress and sad faces. They hear complaining. They feel … the bad energy. They feel how this atmosphere between people consistently pulls down even a person arriving with a banana-smile on his face.

I want this to change. Even in a small scale for the beginning.

Let’s look closer at our inner worlds.

Turn It Into a Joke, Give It Up. Let's Adopt Carribean Mentality! - slow and happy blog about conscious life

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I want us to smile more often. Like people from southern Europe, like Americans. And do not tell me at this point about lower pay here in Poland than in the US or social welfare less developed than in France. Because…

A positive attitude does not depend on the amount of money you have.

We have periods when many Polish expats or foreigners come to our shop. A Pole, staying in another country for some time, even if he is not a rock star or a bank owner, only he collects wild strawberries, is five hundred times more smiling than a Polish doctor who statistically has money but who is tense and mistrustful.

I want us to be an Australian-American-like no-problem. I want us to be able to take all the important things and shove it up our nose from time to time and to lie down in the middle of the day for a nap like the Southern people.

I once wrote about it: how to work less (I’m a fan of [easyazon_link identifier=”0307465357″ locale=”US” tag=”slowandhapp02-20″]The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris[/easyazon_link]), that productivity should not be our god, that forced motivation is meaningless.

Consciousness in many subjects (politics, health, ecology) causes us complain and sets us negatively to certain people or ideas. BUT we don’t have to think about it all day long. You become aware of what is wrong and you start acting slowly toward the better.

I want us to have more ease. A spill? Has something spilled? Has it suddenly began to rain? So what? You won’t dissolve from the rain, and the mess you have to clean up anyway – you will not bypass it – so you can choose (consciously) to do it calmly, not in the nerves. Do not cry over spilled milk. Laugh of it.

Don’t be perfect. Put your shirt on inside out and do not panic with the ugly words in your mouth. Laugh.

Let go.

You see, my smile philosophy is active (smiling, but also discovering something positive in a seemingly bad event) and at the same time passive. Such a let-go kind of zen. Take this part which you prefer. And the fruit of it has to be the joy.

But for this smile on the street to be not an artificial mask, we have to change something inside of ourselves. Work on your inner self, on your attitude. This isn’t an easy task. A change of attitude, against the culture in which we have not only grown up but in which we are constantly immersed.

My rules for working on my Smiling Attitude are:

Every day, in one situation, which I receive as negative, I will find something positive, maybe I’ll let go or I may end it with a smile, or maybe with a laugh.

And SAVE it in my notebook. I recognize in my life the magic of words written. They change reality.

You don’t have to care about little things going wrong. Let’s adopt Caribbean mentality. Let’s learn to smile.

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