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After writing down my thoughts on the subject of minimalism, after bringing up some theory and rules, it’s time for more examples. What I’ve worked out by my about five-year experience with minimalism? Today’s subject is woman’s bag’s content.

What Does a Minimalist Carry in Her Bag?

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Home keys

My home keys set is the only thing I really need to take when I’m going out.

I’m disappointed that I have to carry now so many keys and remote keys. In my teenage and most adult years, I carried three keys: one to the door to the block and two to the doors of my apartment.

Now, when societies wants are changing, the area of our block with a few similar blocks was enclosed. So I have remote key to gate for pedestrians, remote key to gate for cars, remote key to the door to my block, two keys to my doors, keys to trash collection facilities (it is meant to avoid strangers to use our trash containers but since the area is fenced in, it makes no sense, it’s just an additional key and an additional, pointless action of opening and closing what doesn’t need to be closed)…

Additionally, I choose to carry with me normal keys to the pedestrian gate and to the block’s door. They are just in case items but I experienced that it’s a very wise just in case. Especially when there are works that require cutting off the electricity and you were hurrying up home because you need to go to the toilet.

A little key purse

The little purse was designed to carry keys. I use it to keep my cards (debit, id, driving license, about two customer loyalty cards) and cash.

My phone

It’s my camera so it couldn’t be in the photo. Now I go out without a phone very rarely. Almost never. Why?

Because I’m a mother, breastfeeding mother of little boys, so when they stay with someone else, I want to always be available.

Because I’m living in an area where I’m new, so I don’t have the family of friends to go to and ask for help in any emergency.

Because I don’t remember phone numbers, even to my husband (!), so even if I had a problem (for example lost home keys) and asked a stranger for help (calling from his phone), I could have big problems with contacting to my closed ones!

Because I like to take photos (my Instagram), check something fast in the browser or listen to talks.

A lipstick

I don’t even use it every day, but sometimes I need to look good and sometimes my lips need lipstick to look good. So I carry it because of other people’s expectations. But after months of not using and not carrying a lipstick, today I’ve consciously accepted playing again in some parts of today’s society game. (I’ve written about this switch in the article Life After Minimalism?).

A handkerchief

It’s a kind of just in case item but in my opinion and for myself it’s a wise just in case. Especially that I have a tendency to running nose.


This year I’ve discovered the way to like walks with a baby who doesn’t yet walk so he walks in a stroller. Let’s be honest: such walks are just completely boring. Especially that we, parents usually choose to walk in the same, limited area near home every time we do it.

So I’ve discovered that during this boring pushing the stroller, I can listen to great podcasts (by TheMinimalists), traveling this way to another land and talking with people of similar interests (which doesn’t apply to old ladies or other moms I met on our estate).

A reusable shopping bag

It’s often in my bag. Not because I shop so often. Rather because even if would shop unplanned, I want to have my bag with me and not buy or get another new plastic one.


Car keys

They hang in our wardrobe in the front hall and I take them only when I drive the car.

That’s all!

I found for you also some sweet descriptions of other minimalists’ bags:

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