7 Women’s Wardrobe Essentials (so You’ll Never Say You Have Nothing to Wear)

Wondering what to wear? Completing a closet can be a daunting task, especially since fashion is constantly changing. There are so many new trends every season that it can be difficult to choose what to wear. To avoid replacing your entire closet before each new season and to always look good, it is worth having a few classics in your closet that never go out of fashion. There is a fashion essential, which forms the basis of a woman’s closet. If you have the must have clothes in your closet, you will surely present yourself stylishly on every occasion!

Basic clothes – completing the base of clothes

It is worth to have a few things in your closet, which will be the basis of your closet and will become a starting point for creating interesting combinations. Classic clothes, called basic, are universal, classic things, which never go out of fashion. With classic clothes and accessories in your closet, it will be easier to complete an outfit for every occasion.

1 | White t-shirt

A white shirt or blouse is another clothing base that you should stick to. This item of clothing has been saving you since childhood, when it gave you a festive look during school academies. At this moment, it no longer has to be used only in such official and predictable combinations.

Top, preferably made of high quality natural material. A banal and essential element of your closet. It will be great for warm, summer days, but also in the colder ones as a base under a sweater or a jacket.

In combination with an elegant jacket it will be perfect for work, with loose skirt for Sunday brunch and with washed jeans for coffee with friends. A good quality white blouse will not wear out after a few washes and will serve you for a long time. Invest in a top quality t-shirt – it will be a lifesaver during morning closet crises.

When you just need a neutral base under a checked jacket, patterned bomber or long cardigan choose a plain white t-shirt. It’s simple, minimalist and versatile like nothing else. It also works perfectly solo with any bottom, creating a light, girly look. For a fitted version, opt for a strappy top that adds femininity and sensuality.

Women's Wardrobe Essentials - white shirt

2 | White shirt

A white shirt is something every woman should have in her closet. It fits both the official dress code and the so-called unforced elegance. Timeless and feminine, when matched with a pencil skirt, it will be a perfect element of a work outfit. Just put on some sneakers and change the skirt for boyfriend jeans, and you are ready for an evening meeting with friends. Paired with jeans and stiletto heels, it’s perfect for a date. Combined with high-waisted shorts, oversize shirt is perfect for a walk around the city. When worn with wide creased pants and stiletto heels, it will be perfect for formal, elegant stylizations, adding class and chic. Without a doubt, a white shirt is a must-have in your closet.

A white shirt never goes out of style, and if made of high quality materials, it can last for years.

The shirt can be classic or oversized, plain or with jabots, pleats or ruffles. And it does not have to be snow-white! There are really many shades of white. There are even warm and cold shades of white, so you can match them perfectly to your complexion. You may also choose ecru, cream or ivory.

3 | Jacket / blazer

A blazer is a sign of elegance, nonchalance, femininity and chic (and also the basis of a closet, if there is a dress code in a company). It also works well as a complement to a little black dress. This is another must have that characterizes stylish, timeless and classic women’s closets.

If it is to serve you for years, opt for simplicity of cut, minimalism of finish and good quality. A well tailored and precisely finished jacket is extremely classy and does not need unnecessary accessories.

Most often it plays the main role in styling – just match it with a plain T-shirt or top and jeans to always look fashionable and stylish. A well-chosen jacket will also look great with a less elegant outfit: you can combine it with jeans and a T-shirt or shirt to create a casual look.

Choose jackets in black, beige or grey, as these are basic, neutral colors that are easy to mix and match. And if you want a stronger accent, go for checked jackets, which are also very popular in the fashion canon.

4 | Well- chosen jeans

Jeans appeared in fashion in the 19th century and are still very popular today. They go perfectly with everything, and women’s fashion loves them, as every season you can buy in stores different variations on the theme of classic jeans.
This type of pants is perfect for every day. They are our daily essential for weekends, shopping and after work. They are casual, comfortable and practical. In addition, the well-chosen ones can lie like a second skin, highlighting our strengths and hiding our weaknesses.

Choosing them is not easy – you have to take care to look good and feel comfortable at the same time. To achieve this effect, almost everything is important – the width of the legs, the height of the waist, the location and size of pockets, color, texture, decorations.

Classic jeans are characterized by uniform color. They can be navy blue or black. Stores also offer jeans in white and blue. Traditional models are simple, have pockets in the front and back.

However, once you get through it, you can be sure that even in the most minimalist styling you will look stunning.

So think about which cut works best for your figure, then opt for a classic shade – one that’s as suitable for a date as it is for a walk with the kids. A good pair of jeans should be comfortable and durable.

5 | Trench

In the colder seasons coats and jackets also appear in our everyday outfits. It is worth buying classic outerwear. It is important that it fits everyday styling and every occasion. Classic coats come in simple forms and high-quality materials.

The timeless trench has always been a sign of nonchalance and good taste. The beige “Parisian” trench never goes out of fashion! You can pair it with many outfits and it gives a nonchalant elegance to your look, whether you combine it with a dress or casual pants. So you can combine it with elegant and casual styles. Wear it in immortal black or beige, which brightens up any outfit and adds charm to it.

When choosing a coat, remember that in order to add a few centimeters of height, it is best to choose a jacket a bit shorter than a classic trench.

6 | Little black dress

What about for the evening? One of the must have items in a woman’s closet is the irreplaceable little black dress, which will play its role dazzlingly both at a small party and a big gala. Its phenomenon lies in its classic cut, which you must choose perfectly to suit your body, as it is the assets of your figure and type of beauty that it is supposed to showcase.

Its other great asset is timeless black, which can do wonders. It adds elegance and class, models the figure taking off the unnecessary kilograms, matches many accessories, so you can change its look many times, fits perfectly for an evening out and every woman unconditionally looks in it ultra-sensual and stylish. And this is probably enough to make it worth investing in a purchase for years and enjoy impeccable style for many seasons.

Fitted or flared? Long-sleeved or strapless? There are plenty of styles out there. Don’t give up on the little black dress, even if you’re not a fan of dresses – this one is perfect for many occasions and can be the basis for many outfits.

When you don’t feel like combining your outfits, this dress is your salvation. Depending on what accessories you choose, it can be perfect for both elegant and casual situations.

7 | Comfortable classic stilettos or… ballerinas

The last very important element finishing our outfits are shoes. They often decide about our final look, so it is worth having those, which belong to must have in every closet.

Even if you are a fan of ballerinas or sneakers, your closet should also include classic black stilettos.

It’s worth having classic stilettos in your closet, suitable for all more formal occasions, but not only. Stilettos are such a universal element of clothing that you can combine them with everything, creating interesting stylizations for every occasion.

Due to the fact that stilettoes extend your legs skyrocketing, straighten your silhouette giving it better proportions, add lightness, confidence, elegance and sex appeal choose them for evening outings and business meetings.

Ballerinas, although they do not have heels, also give lightness to our figure and do not shorten legs. Thanks to their stability and freedom, you can wear them to work, out on the town, shopping and take them with you on a weekend trip.

Shopping for essentials – RULES

In order for the clothes you choose to create a coherent whole (and last for years), it is worth to think carefully about your purchases.

In any case, bet on classic, simple cuts.

The color scheme is very important. It is good to bet on neutral colors, which will match each other, giving you a lot of possibilities of combining different parts of your outfit. Colors, which will work perfectly in every closet are:

  • black
  • grey
  • navy blue
  • beige
  • white.

In this way you can be sure that the investment is timeless, and individual pieces of clothing will coherently and in good style blend with any outfit. Having a base built from clothes in such shades, it will be very easy to create a variety of styles from them, as well as to choose accessories that will give them character.

Quality and comfort are also important to guarantee you comfort and freedom throughout the day.

Good luck with your shopping!

7 Women’s Wardrobe Essentials (so You’ll Never Say You Have Nothing to Wear)